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What Is Hiding In Your Mattress?

September 16, 2021

What Is Hiding In Your Mattress?

Due to pandemic-induced lockdowns, many of us have had to spend much more time at home than what we used to. As a result, many people are spending more time in their beds not only just to sleep but to relax. Moreover, according to statistics, people who have had to work from home spend about 6 to 8 hours during the day working from bed.

This raises the question of whether you need to change your sheets more frequently now since they are used more often. Moreover, does your mattress get adequate ventilation?

Maintaining proper hygiene in the bedroom—and especially in bed—is more than just clean sheets and linens. A hygienic environment in your room means better sleep and better peace of mind.

In this blog, we talk about why it is important to keep your mattress well ventilated and your sheets clean.

Potential Health Issues

Depending on the weather and the atmosphere in the room, we sweat during sleep. On average, we sweat between a half liter and two liters every night. Moreover, the dead skin cells in our bodies fall off while we are sleeping. All this accumulates inside the mattress which causes mildew and mold to grow. This happens especially when the bedding, the mattress, and the pillow cannot become fully dried and aerated.

There is scientific evidence of the negative effects of mold on the respiratory tract. It can cause asthma in severe conditions and also cause massive skin rashes and topical acne. This is extremely dangerous if you have children and toddlers sleeping on these mattresses.

Mildew is only visible when it has already spread extensively. After it has spread on the inside of the mattress, spots appear, and we notice the fungal infestation due to the typical musty odor, at which point ventilation is no longer of any use.

Is Fresh Linen Enough?

The smell and feel of fresh linen on your bed can give you the confidence that your bed is clean and hygienic. It gives you the sense of security you need to dive into your bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, if your mattress is not clean, well-ventilated, and properly treated, having fresh and clean linen is useless.

When was the last time your mattress received thorough cleaning? If there is bacteria, mold, and mildew growing in your bed, clean linens will not save you from the potential health hazards.

Antimicrobial Treatment

It is important that after every few months you take your mattress out in the sun, keep it in fresh air for a few hours and treat it with antimicrobial cleaners. Mattresses are increasingly being made from polyurethane or visco foam since these materials provide good spine support. However, these materials are known to accumulate heat. If they absorb moisture, they will become the most feasible environment for fungi. Hence, make sure you invest in a high-quality antimicrobial cleaner and treat your mattress regularly.

This is especially important if you have children or elderly people in the house. Improperly cleaned mattresses can lead to severe health issues. Your bedroom and its interiors should be a “safe space” to let go of your daily troubles and worries, not a hub for you to contract diseases.

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