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3 Things You Should Know About Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

January 27, 2022

3 Things You Should Know About Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Commercial hand sanitizer dispensers are used to ensure proper hand hygiene in malls, offices and other public spaces. Hand hygiene is an important element in preventing infections.

There is a small percentage of non-pathogenic microorganisms that reside on the skin without causing damage but if they come in contact with other germs they can cause serious illness. Therefore sanitizing your hands will minimize the risk of spreading germs and will keep you away from other bacteria and viruses.

Installing commercial hand sanitizer dispensers in your commercial buildings will ensure the hand hygiene of your workers and clients and help stop the spread of germs.

Also, make sure that you buy your commercial hand sanitizing dispenser from an authorized cleaning products supplier.

Commercial buildings are a hub for viruses and bacterias as large numbers of people come in and out of the commercial building daily.

Hence there are large numbers of pathogenic germs and viruses that lurk on different surfaces and will come into your contact when you touch those surfaces.

If the surfaces are not disinfected daily and there is no hand sanitizer dispenser in your commercial building then you will be unable to stop the spread of infections.

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In this blog post, we will discuss the 3 important things that you should know about a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

What Is A Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

A commercial hand sanitizer dispenser is like a soap dispenser and one of the most important ways to keep hands clean in a commercial space is by installing a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

Especially in commercial spaces where it is not possible to wash your hands again and again with soap and water.

Since most hand sanitizer dispensers have gel sanitizer in them they can be applied on dry hands. This way it will save up a lot of water and minimize the spread of germs.

Sanitizers are composed of water, alcohol, wetting agents, moisturizing agents and conditioning agents. This composition of sanitizer helps to neutralize viruses and germs.

Things You Should Know About Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

After the coronavirus pandemic created a rift around the globe, the use of hand sanitizer dispensers and other antibacterial and disinfectant products rapidly increased.

Here are 3 things that you should know about a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

Soap And Water Are Still Effective

Many people start to believe that washing hands with soap and water is less effective as compared to sanitizer. This thought usually prevails due to the ease of use of sanitizer dispensers.

But in reality, washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is still the best way to eliminate germs and remove dust and debris.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are an effective and less time-consuming way of getting rid of germs but still washing hands with soap and water is an effective way of killing germs.

Pay Attention To The Percentage Of Alcohol

If you want your hand sanitizer dispensers to effectively kill germs and viruses then the sanitizer should have an alcohol concentration between 60% to 95%.

So you should closely examine the label of the hand sanitizer gel and if it has an alcohol concentration between 60% to 95% only then purchase it otherwise look for another one that can eliminate germs and bacteria from your hands.

The Difference Between Medical Aids And Sanitizing Gel

You must know the difference between medical aids and sanitizing gels, as there are some sanitizing gels that are used as surgical medical devices.

These sanitizing gels used as medical aids usually have an alcohol percentage higher than 85% and also have other contents such as disinfectants with antiseptic functions.

Since they are used for surgical purposes they are more expensive than normal sanitizing gels and are only available in pharmacies.

They are not strictly prohibited so you can use them in your commercial hand sanitizing dispensers but since they are expensive it is better to use a sanitizing gel that has the right percentage of alcohol.

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