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How To Store Your Janitorial Supplies

February 24, 2022

How To Store Your Janitorial Supplies

Amidst the pandemic and its variant, Omicron, it has become necessary for you to keep a stock of cleaning and janitorial supplies ready. They are necessary to keep the area clean and ensure it is safe to live in. A clean office and a tidy home contribute to better health and give a better impression of the owners.

Cleaning isn’t fun for everybody, and storing tons of cleaning items to combat various germs and bacteria might be quite a task for some. People don’t enjoy this and are quite frustrated when they can’t find the one product they are looking for in their time of need. It means one has to be organized enough to set those cleaning supplies in a way so that they are available the moment you need them.

Storing your cleaning supplies wisely can take some pain out of the household chores you have to do every day. This blog post mentions some ways which might help you store your cleaning supplies in a much more organized way.

Check The Directions

Most chemical cleaners have directions and recommendations on how you can store them. It is important you adhere to those directions and recommendations since they are designed to improve the shelf life of those cleaners. Many chemicals create harmful chemical reactions when mixed. So, you must not keep them together.

Some other chemicals have different chemical reactions due to temperature fluctuations. Keeping them in cold garages or extremely hot temperatures is a complete no-no. Therefore, read the label and directions well before storing the cleaning products.

Evaluate Your Sanitation And Cleaning Products

Evaluating your cleaning products is an important step towards organizing and storing your cleaning supplies. Count how many opened bottles of cleaners are under your sink, which are you using, and whether you can refill those or not. Recycle the empty container whenever possible as it will contribute to less waste.

Warning: Never mix cleaners of different brands as they might have different formulas, which can cause harmful reactions.

If you don’t reuse your empty containers and replace them with new ones, it is best that you dispose of them safely. Don’t hoard old cleaner bottles, used gloves, sponges, or mop heads.

Find Your Storage Space

Find and evaluate a suitable storage space for your cleaning supplies. It should be easily accessible to you but also safe for the children in your home. A linen closet, behind a door, or a hallway closet might work best for you.

Many people keep their cleaners and other sanitation supplies under the sink. This is good and easily accessible as long as the items are not harmful or are organic, nevertheless, you must always put secure locks in this case too.

However, if you use strong disinfectants and chemical cleaners, it is better to keep them in a place that is out of reach of your children and pets. Keep such items on a higher shelf, so that it is not accessible to your children.

Quick Tips To Organize Cleaning Products

  • Divide your cleaning products according to the task they perform and store similar items together.
  • Cleaning tools and machines such as vacuums, brooms, or mops should be kept in the same place.
  • Use garbage bags to throw away garbage safely.
  • Invest in portable cleaning carriers or buckets to transfer your cleaning supplies easily.
  • You can make extra space under the sink by installing tension rods and hanging brushes, sponges, or microfibre cloths there.
  • Make sure everything is clearly labeled, and you know which item is placed where.

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