Fire D One-Shot..After-Fire Odor Control 5Oz

Big D Fire D one shot aerosol fogger. Use Fire D one shot to kill all strong odors in automobiles and other enclosed areas. Where a fogging machine is not practical. Use one can for every 10000 cubic feet of space. Ideal for restroom, property management, smoke odors, carpet, industrial. Once a fire has been put out and the mess cleaned up, finish the job by using Fired D. Because smoke coming from an intense fire is under pressure it is forced deep into cracks and crevices, into and through porous materials. Smoke particles have an odor that haunts building owners long after clean-up particularly when the humidity is high. FIRE D will finish the job by removing the odor. Fire D One-Shot Aerosol is used to kill after-fire odors in automobiles and other small enclosed areas where fogging machines would be awkward and /or electrical power is not available.

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