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It is highly effective in eliminating the organic salts associated with urine which cause odors. Special bred enzyme/bacteria cultures attack and break down uric acid molecules by digesting the source, just the way nature does it–but does it in minutes rather than days or weeks with zero environmental impact. Enzym D also contains a kills-all-odors Big D deodorant which neutralizes odors on contact. Enzym D consists of a synergistic blend of highly specialized Bacillus microorganisms. It is designed specifically to improve the bioenzymatic liquefication and digestion of organic waste. Enzym D promotes the rapid breakdown of organic matter in applications where accelerated enzymatic reactions are desired. The following four strains of the Bacillus microorganisms are present in Enzym D: Bacillus licheniformis – good lipase production for grease digestion, cellulose production for cellulose degradation and amylase production for starch degradation. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – superior protease production for protein digestion. Bacillus pasteurii – superior lipase production for grease digestion. Bacillus laevolacticus – extremely fast germination, superior lipase production for grease digestion.