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Medical Facility Cleaning: What You Need To Know

January 20, 2022

Medical Facility Cleaning: What You Need To Know

Cleaning a place has two major functions. The first function is to make the space look nice, as unnecessary as it may seem to you appearance is important especially when it comes to a business or commercial space.

The second major function of cleaning is to obviously make the space clean and sterilize. There are some situations where the surface may look shiny and nice but it may not be properly disinfected.

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So when it comes to cleaning medical facilities, every square inch of the medical space must be cleaned and disinfected by authentic cleaning products.

There should be no exception when cleaning medical facilities, these places should look clean. This not only gives the patients peace of mind but also prevents the spread of diseases and bacteria. Since medial spaces are often hubs for infection they should be cleaned and disinfected religiously to stop the spread of viruses, and infections.

Personal health is an intimate and sensitive topic as people value their health over everything so you should take the cleaning of your medical facility seriously.

In this blog post, we will talk about everything that you need to know about medical facility cleaning.

What Is Terminal Cleaning?

Terminal cleaning is a cleaning technique that is used in healthcare facilities to break and control the chain of infection.

Your healthcare facility should be a source of healing for patients, not a breeding ground for hospital-acquired infections.

You will have to conduct regular assessments to measure the patient’s satisfaction and effectiveness of your cleaning practices.

Also, you will need to make sure that the head of your hospital housekeeping is in direct contact with the hospital’s infection control officer. This will help you make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Terminal cleaning is a difficult task as it requires extensive knowledge and training hence it should be left to professionals who know the difference between disinfecting and cleaning.

Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting

Most people use these terms interchangeably but they are not the same. Cleaning is the process of removing allergens, dirt and dust from a surface. The products that are used for cleaning are surfactant-based.

A surfactant is a compound that interacts with water in order to remove and break down dirt, dust and allergens from a surface.

While on the other hand disinfectants are used to kill the bacteria from a surface. They are used to kill germs and microbes such as viruses and bacterias from the surface.

In order to maintain your medical facility, you will need to do both cleaning and disinfecting.

Checklists For Touchpoints

In order to make sure that every inch of your hospital is being properly disinfected and cleaned you will need to make a checklist that has all the things you need to do to ensure proper cleaning of your medical facility.

You have to make sure that even the tiniest details are written on the checklist because everything needs to be accounted for in order to achieve perfect hygiene in your facility.

Here are some of the key areas and things that should be cleaned with authentic cleaning supplies.

  • You should religiously clean and disinfect the high-touch areas in the medical rooms such as the bedside tabletop, armchairs, door, room sink, cabinet handles, phone, closet handle, light switches, IV pump control, IV pole, and room door knob.
  • Areas like the bed’s headboard, bed frame, side rails, bed frame and top sides of the patient bed should be cleaned regularly.
  • The nurse call device and cord should be cleaned.
  • TV remote should be disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • Also, make sure that you buy all your cleaning and disinfection supplies from authentic cleaning product suppliers.

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