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Key Points To Consider When Buying A Sanitizer Dispenser

December 16, 2021

Key Points To Consider When Buying A Sanitizer Dispenser

Having a hand sanitizer has become a necessity. Health and hygiene are critical to human well-being and happiness. Any negligence towards your health and cleanliness can make you prone to harmful diseases and viruses. The need to keep your environment clean has become more necessary ever since the pandemic started.

A hand sanitizer dispenser can come in handy when it comes to using hand sanitizer. You can easily dispense off the sanitizer from them without having to come into contact with anything. There are numerous benefits of a hand sanitizer dispenser when installed in a high-traffic area.

Installing a hand sanitizer dispenser can be beneficial and can protect your employees’ health when installed in an office. Hand sanitizer dispensers come in various types. Hence, choosing from the numerous designs, sizes, and styles can be a little confusing.

This blog post mentions the top considerations you must know when buying a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Check Its Build Quality

The build quality is the first thing you must observe in any dispenser. A sturdily-built hand sanitizer dispenser has better capacity to store the sanitizer. Moreover, it also won’t break due to the weight of the sanitizer.

You will find metal and plastic hand sanitizer dispensers in the market. Both are used commercially and can give good results if they are well-built. If they are made of metal, the metal should be of high quality and not easily corroded. If they are made of plastic, the plastic should be of high quality and not easily breakable. They should be BPA-free and solid so that they might last for years. Also, check for any leaks before buying them.

Check Its Capacity

The overall storage ability of a hand sanitizer dispenser is an important factor. You need to consider how much a dispenser can store in it that is enough for your commercial use.

If you install it in your office, you should consider the number of employees, their working hours, and other factors. If you are considering installing it in the bathroom of a shopping center, your preferences will be different.

Hand sanitizer dispensers come in different capacities, ranging from one liter to three liters or more. For home, installing a one-liter dispenser will be enough. You might need to install one with 2 liters or more capacity for your commercial purposes.

You can also ask your sanitizer dispenser supplier about the suitability of a certain dispenser according to your needs. Moreover, you can also choose a dispenser that can be scaled up or down according to your requirements.

Choose Amongst The Types Of Dispensers

There are two basic types of hand sanitizer dispensers, floor stands and wall-mounted. A wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser is ideal for locations with limited capacity. So, they won’t take up as much space being installed on the wall, and you can also easily use them. They are ideal for installing in the offices or washrooms.

On the other hand, if you want to use a floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser, the ideal location for it is gates and entryways. This way, everyone entering the vicinity will sanitize their hands. They are useful at the entrance of malls, schools, and hospitals.

Check Its Dispensing Capacity

This one is quite an important factor. The dispensing capacity is the amount of the sanitizer that is released each time you press its button. It should not be either too little or too much wasting the sanitizer. Rather, a medium amount of sanitizer should be dispensed off that is enough for your hands. Therefore, it is better if you check this factor before buying.

It Should Be Attractive

A beautiful hand sanitizer can add elegance to the space where it is installed. Moreover, it should be user-friendly so that people can use it easily. Many people are often in a hurry, and they don’t have time to figure out how a hand sanitizer dispenser works. Therefore, your dispenser should be easy to use and good-looking so that it might add value to your commercial space.

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