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Dealing With Grout? Here’s What You Can Do

August 20, 2021

Dealing With Grout? Here's What You Can Do

Most commercial and residential buildings use tile in their entryways, kitchens, and public restrooms. Although it is a convenient flooring option that does not require a lot of maintenance, the grout build-up between the tiles can be extremely frustrating.

Not cleaning the grout can lead to discoloration, soiling, odors, and even corrosion. This affects the appearance as well as the performance of the floor. However, with proper cleaning procedures and products, you can maintain the life and appearance of tiles.

This blog details why grout needs to be cleaned regularly and what the proper way of cleaning grout is.

Why Should You Clean Grout?

The cement-like properties of grout make it ideal for filling the space between your tiles and protecting their edges from damage. However, since it is porous, it acts like a sponge, soaking up any liquids that come in contact with it. The contaminants in the dirt and liquid adhere to the grout which is why mopping as well as other regular cleaning methods are not exactly effective.

Fortunately, there are several cleaning products available on the market that can help you clean out the grout and maintain its appearance. This will help improve the overall cleanliness of the area and prevent any safety hazards caused by the absorbed contaminants.

This is especially necessary for houses with children and elderly since they are more prone to diseases and health risks.

How To Clean Grout

Cleaning grout is not as tiresome and time-consuming as it sounds. Follow these steps to effectively clean and get rid of the grout stuck between your tiles.

Step 1: Determine What Caused The Stains

Your first step should be to determine what is causing the stains on the grout and what is leading to the discoloration. This will help you choose the appropriate product to help clean the grout. If you are not sure, you can often find the culprit based on its location. If the grout around your toilet is discolored, it can be dirty shoes, mold, or mildew. While in the kitchen the grout may have absorbed greasy animal fats.

Step 2: Choose The Correct Chemical

Once you have narrowed it down what is causing the grout discoloration, it is time to select the right cleaning chemical. With any product, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions, including instructions for dilution. Using a higher concentration than required can damage the tiles surface.

For kitchen and dining areas you need a product that can clean and degrease the grout without affecting the floors or surfaces surface traction. On the other hand, for restrooms and toilets, you need cleaners that have a good scent and have disinfectant abilities.

Step 3: Use Specialized Equipment

Your next step should be to remove all the loose dirt and liquids using a vacuum cleaner and mop. Once that is done, use the specialized equipment to clean out the grout, this might include an auto scrubber with a cylindrical brush or a motor scrubber with a brushing head that can reach between the tiles.

You can also manually remove the dirt from the grout by brushing but it is a very tedious and long process. Gloomy grout lines are inevitable. However, if you use the right materials and the right equipment, they can be easily cleaned giving your tiles a new-like appearance.

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