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Germ Hotbeds That Need To Be Cleaned Daily

Germ Hotbeds That Need To Be Cleaned Daily

Cleaning the house and office isn’t everyone’s favorite hobby. For most people cleaning is a boring and challenging chore. However, it is one of those necessary tasks that must be tackled if you want to preserve the health and safety of your family and employees.

While cleaning your home or office space there are few places that need to be cleaned with chemical cleaning products. In your home and office, there are certain places that are used the most but are given the least amount of attention while cleaning. This blog post talks about the germ hotbeds in your home and office that need to be cleaned daily.

Germ Hotbeds In Your Home

Here are a few germ hotbeds in your home that need daily cleaning.

Toothbrush Holder

While cleaning your bathroom the most important thing you need to clean is your toothbrush holder. Many germs that reside on the toothbrush seep down the toothbrush holder. The toothbrush holder is mostly ignored while cleaning, therefore it becomes a hotbed for bacteria and viruses overtime. You should clean your toothbrush holder daily in order to keep yourself and your family safe from germs.

Light Switches

Take a moment and think about all the people who have touched the light switches in your home. Now think about the last time you cleaned them. Light switches are the most common thing used by everyone in any household but are not cleaned regularly. A lot of germs sit on them, so you should clean the light switches with a damp cloth soaked in cleaning chemicals to get rid of those germs. Make sure that the washcloth is not dripping so that the water does not seep into the sockets.


The faucets and sink handles need to be cleaned diligently. These areas are a breeding ground for bacteria. Use hot water and an all-purpose cleaner to clean these areas regularly. If you wash a lot of raw meat, the faucets and sink handles need to be disinfected daily.


Door knobs are another place that holds on to a lot of germs as everyone handles them to open and close the door. They are the most used yet the least cleaned part of your home. If not cleaned properly they can become a hotspot of germs and bacteria. So, it is important that you clean your doorknobs with a washcloth and disinfectant.

Germs Hotbeds In Your Office

Here are a few germ hotspots in your office that need to be cleaned daily.

Entrances and Lobbies

Entrances and lobbies are the most used areas in a commercial building. They are the first thing clients and customers note when they enter your office and it is a huge part of their first impression of your business. Hence, it is important to keep them clean. Make sure to vacuum these areas daily at the end of each day. Also, make sure that the handles and knobs are disinfected daily.

Conference Rooms

These rooms can be filled with a lot of germs. Since a lot of people gather here, It’s important to disinfect and clean these rooms regularly. Employees touch a lot of surfaces here like tables, chairs, and computers. They even bring in snacks during the meetings. That is why it’s important that you clean and sanitize each surface daily.


Restrooms are often a hub for germs, most germs reside on the faucets, taps, and handles of the restroom. Germs and bacteria spread from these areas. In order to keep yourself and your employees safe, you need to clean them daily. Mop the floors and disinfect the toilet and taps regularly to get rid of germs and bacteria.

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4 Reasons To Keep Your Shop Clean

4 Reasons To Keep Your Shop Clean

Everybody likes to visit a shop that is beautifully decorated and well-maintained. Keeping your shop clean plays an essential role in increasing its outlook and grabbing more customers.

A clean shop or warehouse environment encourages a positive workplace atmosphere and attracts more people to your shop. In addition, it results in accurate inventory management, increased efficiency, and fewer accidents. Therefore, cleaning your shop with some commercial cleaning supplies is essential to improve its appearance and make it more appealing to customers.

For this, you must opt for a professional commercial cleaning supplier that has the right cleaners and necessary tools. Such items can help you clean even the most stubborn stains and oily patches that might be degrading the outlook of your shop.

Compliance With Health And Safety Standards

Maintaining cleanliness inside commercial spaces and monitoring the health and safety of employees have become more important than ever. The pandemic has made it even more mandatory to sanitize public places frequently .

With this, keeping your shop clean has become even more necessary and requires all employers to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees or anyone on the company premises.

Cleaning supplies help shop owners and businessmen to keep a high standard of cleanliness within their business premises. Furthermore, they should perform a thorough evaluation of workplace hazards and address them timely.

Grabs More Customers

Another benefit of keeping your shop clean is that more customers are attracted to your shop. When they see a clean and well-managed shop with things organized in their places, they can easily find the things they are looking for.

Moreover, cleanliness also gives a better impression of your store if someone walks in for the first time. It shows that you are responsible enough to manage the business and want to welcome your clients.

Focused Employees

A clean shop helps your employees focus better on their job. Studies show that a clean environment helps to boost productivity, it also results in the better performance of employees. There is much less distraction, and things are organized, so employees perform efficiently. Happier staff means more productivity which means more sales.

Shops and warehouses are high-traffic areas where many people interact; keeping them clean is a must for the wellbeing of your employees and customers.

Preserves Your Brand’s Image

Keeping your commercial area or shop clean will leave a positive impression on those who visit your store. People come, interact with you, and take notice of their surroundings and how well you have maintained your shop. Cleaning it regularly, organizing it, and following the COVID safety protocols will leave a good impression on your customers. If your warehouse is dirty and cluttered, it can put off your prospective customers.

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