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3 Things You Should Know About Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

3 Things You Should Know About Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Commercial hand sanitizer dispensers are used to ensure proper hand hygiene in malls, offices and other public spaces. Hand hygiene is an important element in preventing infections.

There is a small percentage of non-pathogenic microorganisms that reside on the skin without causing damage but if they come in contact with other germs they can cause serious illness. Therefore sanitizing your hands will minimize the risk of spreading germs and will keep you away from other bacteria and viruses.

Installing commercial hand sanitizer dispensers in your commercial buildings will ensure the hand hygiene of your workers and clients and help stop the spread of germs.

Also, make sure that you buy your commercial hand sanitizing dispenser from an authorized cleaning products supplier.

Commercial buildings are a hub for viruses and bacterias as large numbers of people come in and out of the commercial building daily.

Hence there are large numbers of pathogenic germs and viruses that lurk on different surfaces and will come into your contact when you touch those surfaces.

If the surfaces are not disinfected daily and there is no hand sanitizer dispenser in your commercial building then you will be unable to stop the spread of infections.

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In this blog post, we will discuss the 3 important things that you should know about a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

What Is A Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

A commercial hand sanitizer dispenser is like a soap dispenser and one of the most important ways to keep hands clean in a commercial space is by installing a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

Especially in commercial spaces where it is not possible to wash your hands again and again with soap and water.

Since most hand sanitizer dispensers have gel sanitizer in them they can be applied on dry hands. This way it will save up a lot of water and minimize the spread of germs.

Sanitizers are composed of water, alcohol, wetting agents, moisturizing agents and conditioning agents. This composition of sanitizer helps to neutralize viruses and germs.

Things You Should Know About Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

After the coronavirus pandemic created a rift around the globe, the use of hand sanitizer dispensers and other antibacterial and disinfectant products rapidly increased.

Here are 3 things that you should know about a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser.

Soap And Water Are Still Effective

Many people start to believe that washing hands with soap and water is less effective as compared to sanitizer. This thought usually prevails due to the ease of use of sanitizer dispensers.

But in reality, washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is still the best way to eliminate germs and remove dust and debris.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are an effective and less time-consuming way of getting rid of germs but still washing hands with soap and water is an effective way of killing germs.

Pay Attention To The Percentage Of Alcohol

If you want your hand sanitizer dispensers to effectively kill germs and viruses then the sanitizer should have an alcohol concentration between 60% to 95%.

So you should closely examine the label of the hand sanitizer gel and if it has an alcohol concentration between 60% to 95% only then purchase it otherwise look for another one that can eliminate germs and bacteria from your hands.

The Difference Between Medical Aids And Sanitizing Gel

You must know the difference between medical aids and sanitizing gels, as there are some sanitizing gels that are used as surgical medical devices.

These sanitizing gels used as medical aids usually have an alcohol percentage higher than 85% and also have other contents such as disinfectants with antiseptic functions.

Since they are used for surgical purposes they are more expensive than normal sanitizing gels and are only available in pharmacies.

They are not strictly prohibited so you can use them in your commercial hand sanitizing dispensers but since they are expensive it is better to use a sanitizing gel that has the right percentage of alcohol.

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Medical Facility Cleaning: What You Need To Know

Medical Facility Cleaning: What You Need To Know

Cleaning a place has two major functions. The first function is to make the space look nice, as unnecessary as it may seem to you appearance is important especially when it comes to a business or commercial space.

The second major function of cleaning is to obviously make the space clean and sterilize. There are some situations where the surface may look shiny and nice but it may not be properly disinfected.

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So when it comes to cleaning medical facilities, every square inch of the medical space must be cleaned and disinfected by authentic cleaning products.

There should be no exception when cleaning medical facilities, these places should look clean. This not only gives the patients peace of mind but also prevents the spread of diseases and bacteria. Since medial spaces are often hubs for infection they should be cleaned and disinfected religiously to stop the spread of viruses, and infections.

Personal health is an intimate and sensitive topic as people value their health over everything so you should take the cleaning of your medical facility seriously.

In this blog post, we will talk about everything that you need to know about medical facility cleaning.

What Is Terminal Cleaning?

Terminal cleaning is a cleaning technique that is used in healthcare facilities to break and control the chain of infection.

Your healthcare facility should be a source of healing for patients, not a breeding ground for hospital-acquired infections.

You will have to conduct regular assessments to measure the patient’s satisfaction and effectiveness of your cleaning practices.

Also, you will need to make sure that the head of your hospital housekeeping is in direct contact with the hospital’s infection control officer. This will help you make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Terminal cleaning is a difficult task as it requires extensive knowledge and training hence it should be left to professionals who know the difference between disinfecting and cleaning.

Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting

Most people use these terms interchangeably but they are not the same. Cleaning is the process of removing allergens, dirt and dust from a surface. The products that are used for cleaning are surfactant-based.

A surfactant is a compound that interacts with water in order to remove and break down dirt, dust and allergens from a surface.

While on the other hand disinfectants are used to kill the bacteria from a surface. They are used to kill germs and microbes such as viruses and bacterias from the surface.

In order to maintain your medical facility, you will need to do both cleaning and disinfecting.

Checklists For Touchpoints

In order to make sure that every inch of your hospital is being properly disinfected and cleaned you will need to make a checklist that has all the things you need to do to ensure proper cleaning of your medical facility.

You have to make sure that even the tiniest details are written on the checklist because everything needs to be accounted for in order to achieve perfect hygiene in your facility.

Here are some of the key areas and things that should be cleaned with authentic cleaning supplies.

  • You should religiously clean and disinfect the high-touch areas in the medical rooms such as the bedside tabletop, armchairs, door, room sink, cabinet handles, phone, closet handle, light switches, IV pump control, IV pole, and room door knob.
  • Areas like the bed’s headboard, bed frame, side rails, bed frame and top sides of the patient bed should be cleaned regularly.
  • The nurse call device and cord should be cleaned.
  • TV remote should be disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • Also, make sure that you buy all your cleaning and disinfection supplies from authentic cleaning product suppliers.

About Smith’s Sanitation Supply

At Smith’s Sanitation Supply, we supply a vast range of cleaning agents and other essential supplies to improve your cleaning experience. If you are looking for high-quality cleaning-related products Smith Sanitation has a variety of products to meet your needs. We are offering curbside pickup and free local delivery with no minimum order. This has been quite helpful amidst the pandemic situation. Call us now for further information.

Top Benefits Of Using Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Top Benefits Of Using Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial spaces require efficient cleaning systems and equipment due to the tremendous amount of foot traffic they receive. Dust and debris tend to accumulate and decay in commercial spaces. This can lead to health issues like dust allergies and breathing problems. Therefore, to ensure a healthy environment in a commercial space, a constant cleaning routine becomes important.

Commercial cleaning equipment are designed to clean commercial spaces specifically. These are the smart tools that eliminate pollutants from the area and make it healthy.

However, many people still think that opting for commercial cleaning equipment is unnecessary, which is not true. There are many benefits of using professional cleaning equipment for cleaning your commercial spaces. This blog post mentions some of the many benefits of using specifically designed cleaning equipment for any commercial space.

They Are Proficient

Commercial cleaning equipment is specifically designed to cater to the needs of large spaces. This speeds up the cleaning process and is a more proficient choice for commercial cleaning.

They also clean the area more effectively as compared to other types of cleaning equipment. Smith’s Sanitation Supply offers cleaning equipment solutions that can cover a large area in one go. So, if you would like to achieve an effective cleaning process, opting for commercial cleaning equipment is a wise choice.

They Are Less Expensive

Many people have this misconception that commercial cleaning equipment is more expensive. That might be true, but commercial spaces have large areas to be cleaned. Cleaning them using smaller tools designed for smaller spaces makes the whole process tedious and frustrating.

Commercial cleaning equipment is more durable and sturdy, which means it is able to last for a longer time. Moreover, the chemicals that are used with the equipment are sold in bulk, making them cost effective. This makes commercial equipment an affordable choice for commercial space owners. Such equipment comes in bulk so that you can cover an entire area of your commercial building.

They Are More Eco-Friendly

Commercial cleaning equipment suppliers manufacture the cleaning equipment while considering the environment. They manufacture them such that they consume less power and give better work output.

Such machines are ideal for you if you want to save some money on your energy bills. They are designed to consume less power, be friendly to the environment, and inflict no harm to environmental entities such as the air.

Therefore, purchasing commercial cleaning equipment for your commercial space is a perfect choice in every sense, especially if you are eco conscious.

They Are Easy-To-Use

Commercial cleaning equipment is designed in a way that makes them easily operable by everyone. Most of such devices have essential switches and indicators that enable anyone to use them without getting confused.

Not only this, such commercial cleaning equipment is low maintenance. This means you won’t have to spend money on repairs and maintenance. Moreover, no extensive staff training is required. This will only add to your convenience but also save you some time as well.

There Is Less Staff

Most cleaning responsibilities are handled by the workers who operate the machines. With more workers, you have to manage everything from paychecks to PPE, equipment, and more. This can be quite a daunting task for the manager.

On the other hand, if you opt for commercial cleaning equipment, you can let the machines and tools do most of the work. This can greatly reduce the number of workers required for cleaning your commercial space. Thus, you can save some money and better manage your commercial cleaning duties.

Get Your Cleaning Equipment From Smith’s Sanitation Supply

If you would like to buy some efficient commercial cleaning equipment and be able to choose from a vast variety of options, visit Smith’s Sanitation Supply. Our trusted suppliers deliver quality maintenance products and equipment at comparable prices. We maintain, service, and repair your commercial cleaning equipment to ensure continuity in your operations and protect your investment.

Along with this, we provide special and personalized pricing of the products available on our website. The aim is to help our customers fulfill their unique business or personal needs. If you would like to make any purchases, you can shop our products here. For more information, you can contact us here.

Reasons To Use Garbage Bags In Your Home

Reasons To Use Garbage Bags In Your Home

We are currently living in a world that is constantly exposed to pollution. We are exposed to harmful diseases and never-ending pandemics such as COVID-19. Therefore, the need to end the causes behind such pollution and opt for greener solutions has become more necessary than ever.

Due to the trash produced as a result of the way humans live, wildlife and sea life have been consuming harmful plastics. Such consumption affects their lifecycle and causes devastation to our planet’s ecosystem.

Out of the many things that play their role in minimizing such impacts on the environment, one such item is a garbage bag. A garbage bag has eased lives and is a great choice if you want to manage your everyday garbage better.

This blog post mentions a few important reasons for using garbage bags which some people might not know.

Garbage Bags Keep Your Trash Cans Clean

One of the biggest benefits of using a garbage bag is that it keeps your trash can clean. If you dispose of your garbage directly in the can, it will decay with time and develop an unpleasant smell. Such a smell never leaves your trash can completely. The trash leaves its residue inside the can which builds up over time and creates a bad smell.

A garbage bag is a clean and easy way to keep your trash can clean. So, your trash doesn’t stick to the walls of the trash can. It will not attract mold, bacteria, flies, or other dirty things.

They Are Better For Trash Collectors

Garbage bags make it easier for trash collectors to collect the garbage from every home. If there are no garbage bags, it is hard for them to turn over the whole trash can into the garbage truck.

This process is also dangerous as there might be dangerous things in the garbage, such as needles, broken glass, and other sharp objects. Moreover, some objects in the trash might have liquid residue which can fall out making the road dirty.

Therefore, using garbage bags is a safe way for the trash collectors to transfer the garbage from your cans to their truck. This helps them remain safe from items that might cause injuries or illnesses. Thus, it would be courteous to use trash bags and make it easy for your trash collectors to do their job.

They Give More Privacy

There are many things in your garbage that are private. One of the reasons why you must use a garbage bag for your trash is that they keep such things invisible. You can maintain your privacy by ensuring that sensitive documents are shredded before disposal and disposed of completely in a colored garbage bag.

Moreover, items for personal use are also invisible in colored garbage bags. Therefore, it won’t make you or anyone else uncomfortable during the process of throwing and collecting the garbage.

They Reduce Pollution

Another benefit of using garbage bags is reduced pollution. A garbage bag can store enough garbage. So, it helps to reduce your usage of plastic bags for throwing a small amount of garbage when a big garbage bag can store all of it at once.

This helps to reduce pollution, and waste management authorities can better manage the waste. Therefore if you want to ensure that you are in compliance with local waste management regulations, clear garbage bags can ensure that you are up to their standard.

They Help In Identifying Inappropriate Objects

Hazardous items should not be put in the trash. In fact, many regulating authorities issue fines for this. Items such as batteries, solvents, light bulbs, and other hazardous electronic items can damage the environment and must be disposed of carefully. They should be diverted to the appropriate waste management resource if they are found in any garbage bag.

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Common Office Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Office Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Just like many people you also may also not be aware that you might be taking office cleaning for granted. Your office is the one place you spend most part of your day and therefore it should be neat and clean, as a clean work environment increases work productivity.

So it is your job as a responsible office employee to keep your workplace clean and learn the correct ways to clean the different areas in your office. Cleaning is both tough and therapeutic and in order to execute it properly, you will need the right tools and cleaning products.

As authentic cleaning products provide the best cleaning results, you should know how to buy the right cleaning supplies for your office. Always remember to buy your cleaning products from certified cleaning products suppliers. Because only certified cleaning product suppliers will have authentic cleaning products.

While cleaning your office there are some cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid. In this blog post, we will outline some of the common office cleaning mistakes that most employees usually do.

Scrubbing The Carpet

When we see stains on the carpet, our immediate response is to start scrubbing it with a detergent or soap. However, many people are unaware that scrubbing the stains does more harm than good.

When you scrub a carpet it will twist the fibers of the carpets damaging the carpet permanently. So instead of scrubbing the carpet, you should follow these steps to remove your office carpet stains properly and easily.

  • First, use a paper towel and soak up all the liquid from the blot of stain.
  • Then apply an authentic carpet cleaner on it and leave it for some time.
  • Next just let it dry and clean the stain area with a towel and repeat this process until the stain has been removed.

Also, be sure to act as fast as possible and do not allow the stain to set and seep into the carpet as it will become more difficult for you to remove a dry stain.

Not Emptying The Vacuum Enough

The vacuum cleaner is used quite often to get rid of dirt, dust, and other unwanted grime that have accumulated on your office surfaces.

Most people often forget to empty their vacuum cleaners after using them, but you should keep in mind that if the vacuum cleaner is not emptied regularly its airflow will be compromised hindering the vacuum’s primary functions.

A vacuum cleaner full of dust and dirt will not be able to absorb the contaminants properly. So in order to get the peak performance out of your vacuum cleaner, you should empty it after every use.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Products

Sometimes it may not be the case that you are not cleaning properly. Perhaps it can be that you are not using the right kind of cleaning products.

For every cleaning task, there are different cleaning products that help to do the job  effectively. For example, you don’t use dishwashing soap to clean your office desk.

Hence for cleaning your office there is a proper set of cleaning products and tools that you should use to get the best cleaning results.

So, you should make a list of all the office cleaning products you need to buy and buy them from an authentic cleaning products supplier to get the right products.

Ignoring Instructions

When you buy a product you may see that there are instructions printed on the back of the bottle. These instructions are there for a reason.

Cleaning products are formulated using several special chemicals and are then tested to provide the best cleaning results.

Since all cleaning products are made using different chemicals and are used for different purposes you need to follow the instructions on the back of the label in order to get effective cleaning results.

Ignoring these instructions can be dangerous, harmful and can lead to less effective cleaning results.

Ignoring the instruction can lead to accidental misuse and can cause potential damage to you and your employees. So it is advised that you read the instructions closely and use the cleaning product carefully.

About Smith’s Sanitation Supply

At Smith’s Sanitation Supply, we supply a vast range of cleaning agents and other essential supplies to improve your cleaning experience for your commercial purposes. Whether you need cleaning products for your home, office, or industrial needs, we can provide you with the right products at the right price. Contact us for more information.

Key Points To Consider When Buying A Sanitizer Dispenser

Key Points To Consider When Buying A Sanitizer Dispenser

Having a hand sanitizer has become a necessity. Health and hygiene are critical to human well-being and happiness. Any negligence towards your health and cleanliness can make you prone to harmful diseases and viruses. The need to keep your environment clean has become more necessary ever since the pandemic started.

A hand sanitizer dispenser can come in handy when it comes to using hand sanitizer. You can easily dispense off the sanitizer from them without having to come into contact with anything. There are numerous benefits of a hand sanitizer dispenser when installed in a high-traffic area.

Installing a hand sanitizer dispenser can be beneficial and can protect your employees’ health when installed in an office. Hand sanitizer dispensers come in various types. Hence, choosing from the numerous designs, sizes, and styles can be a little confusing.

This blog post mentions the top considerations you must know when buying a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Check Its Build Quality

The build quality is the first thing you must observe in any dispenser. A sturdily-built hand sanitizer dispenser has better capacity to store the sanitizer. Moreover, it also won’t break due to the weight of the sanitizer.

You will find metal and plastic hand sanitizer dispensers in the market. Both are used commercially and can give good results if they are well-built. If they are made of metal, the metal should be of high quality and not easily corroded. If they are made of plastic, the plastic should be of high quality and not easily breakable. They should be BPA-free and solid so that they might last for years. Also, check for any leaks before buying them.

Check Its Capacity

The overall storage ability of a hand sanitizer dispenser is an important factor. You need to consider how much a dispenser can store in it that is enough for your commercial use.

If you install it in your office, you should consider the number of employees, their working hours, and other factors. If you are considering installing it in the bathroom of a shopping center, your preferences will be different.

Hand sanitizer dispensers come in different capacities, ranging from one liter to three liters or more. For home, installing a one-liter dispenser will be enough. You might need to install one with 2 liters or more capacity for your commercial purposes.

You can also ask your sanitizer dispenser supplier about the suitability of a certain dispenser according to your needs. Moreover, you can also choose a dispenser that can be scaled up or down according to your requirements.

Choose Amongst The Types Of Dispensers

There are two basic types of hand sanitizer dispensers, floor stands and wall-mounted. A wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser is ideal for locations with limited capacity. So, they won’t take up as much space being installed on the wall, and you can also easily use them. They are ideal for installing in the offices or washrooms.

On the other hand, if you want to use a floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser, the ideal location for it is gates and entryways. This way, everyone entering the vicinity will sanitize their hands. They are useful at the entrance of malls, schools, and hospitals.

Check Its Dispensing Capacity

This one is quite an important factor. The dispensing capacity is the amount of the sanitizer that is released each time you press its button. It should not be either too little or too much wasting the sanitizer. Rather, a medium amount of sanitizer should be dispensed off that is enough for your hands. Therefore, it is better if you check this factor before buying.

It Should Be Attractive

A beautiful hand sanitizer can add elegance to the space where it is installed. Moreover, it should be user-friendly so that people can use it easily. Many people are often in a hurry, and they don’t have time to figure out how a hand sanitizer dispenser works. Therefore, your dispenser should be easy to use and good-looking so that it might add value to your commercial space.

About Smith’s Sanitation Supply

If you are looking for a sanitation supply store and sanitizer dispenser supplier in Burlington, look no further than Smith’s Sanitation Supply. We work with our trusted suppliers to deliver you quality maintenance products and equipment at comparable prices. If you would like to learn more about our products, visit our shop page or contact us for more information.

How To Hire A Commercial Janitorial Equipment Supplier

How To Hire A Commercial Janitorial Equipment Supplier

Keeping your home, hotel, or office clean and free of germs has become a necessity more than ever. The outbreak of the COVID pandemic made everyone paranoid and compelled everyone to keep their places clean. Commercial areas are more prone to dirt and bacteria as they receive more foot traffic. They have to be continuously cleaned and disinfected to avoid spreading any disease-causing bacteria.

Hiring a commercial janitorial service can be helpful in this case as they have the necessary skills, cleaners, tools, and equipment to clean the commercial area. They also have COVID-related specialized products manufactured to fight those deadly viruses and bacterias.

Smith’s Sanitation Supply is one of the best cleaning product suppliers in Burlington. They offer daily cleaning essentials as well as all the important cleaning products for killing bacteria and viruses. If you are considering hiring a janitorial company for your commercial purposes, it is necessary to consider a few factors. This blog post guides you about those factors so you can hire the right janitorial company in your area.

Consider The Products They Offer

Commercial spaces are usually very dirty and unhygienic as different people visit it throughout the day. Dust, dirt, and mud can often get tracked in and the bacteria accompanying them can make the place unhealthy.

Therefore, special cleaning products are necessary to clean your commercial area. Even though you clean your commercial space regularly, sometimes, they need deep cleaning, and only a professional company can help you find the right products for that purpose. Therefore, it is best to consider a company that offers multiple ranges of cleaning products and equipment.

Moreover, many people are now eco-conscious and want to opt for greener cleaning products. If you would like to purchase some eco-friendly products, make sure that the company you hire is the one that can supply these.

They Should Be Able To Guide You

A commercial cleaning process is different from a residential one. This is because there are machines and industrial equipment in commercial places that need special kinds of cleaners.

They can’t be cleaned using residential or regular cleaners. If you are a newcomer in the commercial industry, it might be difficult for you to find the most suitable cleaning products for your needs. You might become confused about the plethora of options available for cleaning products and equipment.

Therefore, you must go to such a commercial janitorial company that can guide you about the suitable products you need for commercial cleaning needs. They will guide you about the different cleaning products and tools available to match your needs and budget.

Check Their Customer Service

Another aspect that seconds the previous point is the customer service of a janitorial company. You have to become a customer of that company, and if they are not able to provide you with the support you need, it can be quite a big headache for you.

A professional commercial supplier will always prioritize its customers and answer their queries clearly. Make sure the company is easy to reach and can communicate well when you need their support.

Do Your Research

If you know your area well, you might be familiar with the businesses operating in that area. Make sure to do your research well before hiring any commercial cleaning equipment supplier.

A professional company will have good service reviews among customers. You can ask your friends if they are familiar with a certain company. Or, if you don’t have any acquaintances, you can check the company’s online reviews.

Make Sure They Have Fresh Supplies

Keeping fresh cleaning supplies is critical as they are more effective. Old products are not only harmful but can also cause cross-contamination. With time, cleaning products can become ineffective. Therefore, your janitorial company should have fresh cleaning products available for effective cleaning.

About Smith’s Sanitation Supply

If you are in search of reliable janitorial cleaning products and equipment, Smith’s Sanitation Supply is the right choice for you. We offer authentic and effective cleaning products for commercial cleaning needs.

Our products target the areas in need of cleaning. We offer products in bulk at affordable rates so you can fulfill your cleaning essentials for a good amount of time at a good price. If you would like to learn more about us, contact us here.

The Best Cleaning Products For Every Kind Of Mess

The Best Cleaning Products For Every Kind Of Mess

Cleaning your home is a time-consuming and difficult task, as it requires a lot of effort and planning. But, the task can become even more difficult if you do not have the right cleaning products. While cleaning your house you may need to deal with different kinds of messes. From grease on tiles and dirt on windows to stains inside toilets and pet hair on the carpet, you need to clean all sorts of messes.

Hence you need products that are versatile and can help you tackle all types of mess effortlessly and quickly. If you have to clean your house at the end of your lease agreement it is better that you call professionals to do that job. But if you generally want to keep your home spick and span you must have the right cleaning products. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the best cleaning products that you should have to keep your house clean.

All-Purpose Cleaner

In simple words, an all-purpose cleaner is a cleaner that is gentle enough that it does not damage the surface but is effective enough that it removes all the dirt, stains, and grease. There is no standard all-purpose cleaner. Different manufacturers use different ingredients and formulations that give each multipurpose cleaner special cleaning powers.

An all-purpose cleaner can be used for many different cleaning tasks around your house, such as to clean the windows, mirrors, floors, countertops, and other hard surfaces. They are usually used for light cleaning activities. Many people make all-purpose cleaners at home but it’s always better to buy them from authentic manufacturers and sellers. An all-purpose cleaner is a must-have cleaning product that you should have in your home.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths and towels are products that should be kept handy. Whether you are cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, or kid’s room, these products make dusting a breeze as they can clean most surfaces with little to no water. The microfiber material is a dust and allergy magnet, hence it is able to perfectly clean your furnitures’ surfaces and appliances without causing any damage. These products are a one-time investment as they can be reused after a wash. You can easily buy them from any super store.


A squeegee is another exceptional cleaning product for every kind of a mess. A squeegee is usually used to give glass windows a streak-free finish, but it can also effectively clean your mirrors and remove soap scum and dirt from shower glass. Another exceptional use of a squeegee is that it can effortlessly remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Hence make sure that you have this product in your home. There are many types of squeegees such as brass, rubber, and stainless steel squeegees, you can buy all these types of squeegees from Smith’s Sanitation Supply.

Magic Eraser

The most frustrating and challenging thing while cleaning is removing scuff marks from your walls or streaks of dirt from your sideboards. But you can make this task a lot easier by using a magic eraser. It is an excellent option for such small messes and is widely used by professionals who provide reliable end-of-lease cleaning. It is also very easy to use, all you need to do is just dip it into some water and rub it on the stains until they disappear.

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is an excellent cleaning product that is highly effective against different kinds of stains. You can use a scrub brush to get rid of tough stains from surfaces like garage floors, cement patios, rubber mats, and carpets. You can also use a scrub brush to clean garden tools, flower pots, garbage cans, and the bottom of your shoes. This cleaning product is also very useful for cleaning grime and grout between floor tiles.

About Smith’s Sanitation Supply

At Smith’s Sanitation Supply, we work to provide you with an online purchasing experience that is unique to you. We provide specialized and personalized pricing of the products available on our website to our customers to fulfill their unique business or personal needs. Smith’s Sanitation Supply is your one-stop solution for all kinds of drain cleaners and degreasers. If you would like some assistance in purchasing sanitation-related products or more, visit our website or contact us for further assistance.

5 Tips For Budget-Friendly End Of Lease Cleaning

5 Tips For Budget-Friendly End Of Lease Cleaning

One of the most time consuming and challenging tasks is end of lease cleaning especially when you are doing it without any professional assistance. Full-fledged cleaning of your rental property will not only prevent rental disputes but will also help you to get your full bond money back.

Unfortunately, end of lease cleaning can be very expensive as you will need a lot of specialized cleaning products and tools. So, if you are in a financial crisis but don’t want to lose your bond money you will have to budget your cleaning expenses.

In this blog post, we will outline 5 tips for budget friendly cleaning that will help you to do your end of lease cleaning with ease and save you money.

Use Reusable Microfiber Cloths

Dusting plays an important role in preparing your rental property for final rental inspection. If you want your house to sparkle you will need to remove all the accumulated dirt, pollen, dust, cobwebs, and allergens from its walls, ceilings, fans, windows, and hard surfaces.

So, instead of using fragile feather dusters, use a reusable microfiber cloth for dusting. If you use feather dusters you will have to buy them again and again and it will cost you a lot of money. Whereas a microfiber cloth is just a one time investment as you can wash it and use it again and again.

Microfiber cloths are super absorbent so you can wipe off the dirty surface and wash the cloth before reusing it. You can also dampen the microfiber cloth in a cleaning agent and remove tough stains from rugs, carpets, and other surfaces.

Use Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products

Buying products that can help you perform more than one task will help you save up a lot of money. For instance, a squeegee is an all-purpose tool that you can use to clean your dirty windows, mirrors, glass doors, and shower. But you can also use it to clean your rugs and carpets.

Similarly, an all-purpose cleaner is also a great investment. You can use it to clean all the surfaces of your home from germs, dirt, and grime. Therefore you should invest your money in a microfiber duster, mop, scrubber, and other cleaning tools that will help you do more than one cleaning task.

Stretch Your Products

In order to complete your end of lease cleaning in a budget friendly way you will need to lengthen the shelf life of your cloth to scrubbers, soaps to detergents by adopting efficiency boosting habits. You will have to use your products wisely to lengthen their life.

Do Cleaning Regularly

If you make cleaning a regular part of your housekeeping routine then it will help you at the end of your lease. Regularly cleaning your carpets, floors, showerheads, and furniture upholstery, wiping the countertops, disinfecting the sinks and faucets will keep the house clean. This will also prevent dust and grime from accumulating which will reduce the requirement for cleaning products. So, minimize your maintenance cost by regularly keeping your house clean and dust-free.

Buy Authentic Products

Buying cleaning products from authentic sellers will save you money in the long run. Cleaning products that are not authentic will be used more and will finish quickly. But authentic cleaning products will be used less and therefore will run for a much longer time. Authentic cleaning products are used less but give better cleaning results. So, investing money in good cleaning products will save you money.

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Top Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Top Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Keeping the environment you live in clean is extremely important to ensure that you and your family remain healthy. Knowing some cleaning hacks can be a savior for you especially when you are in a hurry. With the amount of pollution, dust and other allergens on the rise, opting for the right methods to clean your home and other spaces has become more important than ever.

Usually, one person is held responsible for cleaning the house or the outdoors. However, having everyone help keep the space that they are living in clean will help keep the space more tidy. Having some know-how of the basic cleaning methods and knowing what works and what doesn’t is important. This blog post highlights some useful hacks for cleaning that everyone must know.

Make A Routine

To be able to clean your home or necessary spaces daily, it is important to establish a daily routine. For example, you can set a time for cleaning after having your breakfast and think about what basic cleaning you can do during this time. This will make the process seem less complicated.

Not following a particular routine can make you feel discouraged and overwhelmed with the situation. This would make you leave the things as they are, and with time, create piles of waste in your home.

Therefore, the first step towards a better cleaning system is to have a daily routine, so you know you have to do this right now.

Opt For A High-Quality Cleaner

Many people waste their time by opting for low-quality and cheap cleaners that don’t give them the results they want. Choosing such cleaners will only waste your time and money, since you will not be able to clean those stubborn areas. Instead of saving your money here, you can save it somewhere else by buying better and higher quality cleaners from a well-reputed business.

Smith’s Sanitation Supply is one such example of providing exceptional cleaning products to its clients. Several other cleaning items are also available on their website, which you can purchase to have a better and economical cleaning experience.

Use Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can do wonders in changing the environment of your home and in making it feel more refreshed. When you spend half of your day at home, you want it to feel refreshed, having a good smelling air freshener can help you achieve that. What’s more, you can also invest in a good quality air purifier to make the air in your home healthier.

Sweep And Then Mop

You should always sweep your floors first and then mop them to clean them properly. Start mopping from the farthest corner of the space or room, and then continue to clean the area that comes under mopping. Be sure to rinse out your mop when you notice it getting a little too dirty.

Pay Special Attention To Tubs And Sinks

Cleaning your tubs and sinks are important because they are neglected the most. You should pay special attention to your sinks and tubs while cleaning. Spray cleaner on them and leave it for a while. Wipe it down using a sponge or cleaning cloth to clean off any residues.

Don’t Leave Your Cleaning For Later

It can be easy to put off your chores for later. However, procrastination, in this case, is not a good idea. Putting your chores off for later will deteriorate the cleaning condition of your home and might become too much for you to do at one time.

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